5 Star Specialty Drinks

Our specialty drink service allows you to choose from 5 Star specialty drinks, or request your own star cocktail. We cook up a batch for your event or just to have on-hand, and deliver to you or serve at your event. Most specialty cocktails can be bagged for a Sip & Step or hands-free sipping.

Le Honey Drop

This is a fun and healthier version of one of my favorite classics—the Lemon Drop—and uses a honey substitute instead of sugar: mix equal parts local/organic honey and purified water.  

Premium Vodka
Honey Syrup
Fresh squeezed lemon
Shaken over ice.

Strain and serve up:
Sugar rim with 5 Star Lemon Sugar
Garnish with a lemon wheel

Liquor Recommendation
Grey Goose
Titos Vodka

Food Recommendation
Pasta & Salad

Le Honey Drop

Berry Margarita

Premium Tequila
Fresh squeezed orange juice
Fresh squeezed lemon juice
Agave syrup
Topping of berry syrup
Stir or shake over ice

Garnish with a lime wheel and cherry

Liquor Recommendation
Don Julio® Añejo

Make it a Cadillac
Add a float of Grand Marnier

Food Recommendation
This is my Taco Tuesday go-to! Pair with Birria Tacos

5 Star Berry Margarita

Dirty Martini

This is my go-to cocktail when I want to celebrate a win, or when I’m feeling like I’m getting a lot accomplished. You know…those big moments.

Premium Gin (or substitute vodka)
Dry Vermouth
Olive juice
Shaken over ice.

Strain and serve up
Garnish with olives stuffed with blue cheese

Liquor Recommendation
Bombay Sapphire

Food Recommendation
Surf & Turf